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Is an Ex-Spouse Entitled to the Deceased’s Estate in Alberta?

Making an estate plan as early as possible in life is a wise move — but it only works if you revisit your plan frequently and make the necessary changes as your life situation evolves. A divorce is one such event that can complicate many aspects of one’s life — including your estate plan. Unless you make changes to your will, for instance, there may be unintended consequences after you pass away. An ex-spouse or adult interdependent partner (AIP) could potentially claim a share of your estate, against your wishes, unless the appropriate documentation is updated. Ambiguity with estate [...]

By |08/09/2022|

How Will Planning Can Save You Money in Alberta

It’s amazing how many people view having a will prepared by an estate planning lawyer as a cost or expense. We believe that will planning and will writing is an investment in the future for you and your loved ones. Yes, there may be a modest fee to pay for the professional assistance you receive for preparing a legally enforceable will — but neither of the alternatives is a great option: no will that leaves your family open to squabbles and extra costs or a DIY will that is not legally enforceable and may lead to expensive legal [...]

By |13/07/2022|

How is a Power of Attorney Different from a Personal Directive in Alberta?

Power of Attorney VS Personal Directives Comprehensive estate planning involves more than simply writing a will to take care of matters after you pass away. You also need to plan for your later years, when you may lose the power to make decisions for yourself and loved ones need to manage your healthcare, living arrangements, and finances. Family members can't make decisions on your behalf without the right documents. Your estate plan must, therefore, include a power of attorney and a personal directive. But what, specifically, do they accomplish, how do they differ, and what do you [...]

By |22/02/2022|

Should I Probate a Will Without a Lawyer in Alberta?

Should I Probate a Will Without a Lawyer in Calgary If you were named as the executor of a will some time ago, by the time arrives to take up the role you may have already considered whether or not to appoint a probate lawyer to help. However, many people have not. Executors may only become aware of the intricacies of the role when it is time to take it on. So, one of the first decisions required is whether to use an estate lawyer to probate the will. A Grant of Probate is a legal document [...]

By |19/11/2021|

The Probate Process In Alberta

What Happens When Probating a Will in Alberta? Administering an estate, whether with a will or without, takes time, experience, organization, and patience. Vest Estate Lawyers offer clients who have been appointed, or who seek appointment as the personal representative, a helping hand to ease the process and hasten distribution of assets to creditors and beneficiaries. Our lawyers can help you better understand the probate process and provide you with a framework in which to organize your efforts so that the responsibility of serving as personal representative fits more comfortably on your shoulders. Contact Us [...]

By |28/10/2021|

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