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Estate planning lawyers for Calgary families looking to avoid or solve disputes

Wills & Estate Planning in Calgary, AlbertaThe team at Vest Estate Lawyers is committed to helping families in Calgary:

  • Plan ahead with the estate planning documents required to protect you and your family
  • Resolve estate disputes without litigation (if possible), thereby saving money and preserving the most important relationships of all: family relationships
  • Fight for their interests through representation in lawsuits if estate matters cannot be settled by alternative dispute methods
  • Disperse estate assets to the rightful beneficiaries during the process of probating and administering wills

Experienced estate planning and estate litigation lawyers

We’re not just estate planners. We’re your advocates too.

The professionals at Vest Estate Lawyers are experienced in protecting the rights of families in Alberta both in and out of the courtroom.

We can help you avoid disputes – and solve them.

Firstly, our experience in estate planning means we understand the needs of families in Alberta, no matter how complex.

We can help you plan, creating the necessary documentation to legally protect you and your family: from powers of attorney and personal directives that nominate individuals to make key decisions for you to making provisions for aged care and writing wills.

You are never too young to start with estate planning – none of us know what’s around the corner.

Many families are surprised to find themselves embroiled in disputes after a loved one passes away. Careful estate planning helps avoid this but, if not, that’s where our estate litigation experience comes in.

When alternative dispute methods like negotiation and mediation do not solve outstanding issues, we are experienced civil litigators ready to fight for your rights and best interests in the courtroom.

Helping you achieve your estate goals…

The team at Vest Estate Lawyers is good at listening, as well as planning and litigating.

We understand that estate matters can become emotional and the relationships involved are dear and potentially fragile.

Families must plan and make decisions around significant life events such as marriages, divorces, births, deaths and so on – all highly charged emotional issues.

So, the first step when we evaluate a case is to listen.

Whether you are looking to preserving your wealth for later in life, ensure that as much of it as possible gets passed on to the intended beneficiaries, administer and probate a will, or contest a will, we will listen carefully to your situation.

We will then advise you of your options, based on our experience in estate planning, disputes, and litigation.

Our team will help you work through estate litigation, manage disputes, or create an executable estate plan to ensure all you intend for the future. Get started today with a confidential one-on-one consultation.

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    Client Testimonials


    I Was Very Pleased.

    “I was very pleased with how Launa and her assistant Carmen took care of me through the whole process. They were professional as well as very understanding and compassionate. I always felt understood as well as understood all communicated to me. I would very much recommend Launa And her team.”

    — B. R.


    She Helped Me Win!

    “Lorraine was very easy going , super nice and caring. Knowledgeable and professional. She helped me win !!! Thank you very much, now we can move on to a better part of our live’s !!! Definitely recommend.”

    — J. D.


    Why Should I
    Hire an Estate Planning Lawyer?

    The estate planning process doesn’t have to be painful. Our lawyers can help you focus on relevant considerations for your family’s future.